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How do I get a free playtime bonus?

Depending on the site, the free play time bonus is offered in a number of different ways: you will need to open an account in most cases, although no deposit is required. It is on this account that your winnings will appear. To start the process, you will sometimes be asked to enter a code, either indicated on the site or provided by an affiliate portal. With other casinos, you will have to claim the bonus from the customer service, usually by chat – even if there is no advertisement for this type of bonus, you should know that many casinos offer bonuses and other small benefits to players who spontaneously ask for them; we don’t always think about it, but motivational or consolation bonuses do exist!

Finally, when the free play time bonus is obtained and activated, a small clock or timer appears and starts to run until the free play time is over. If you are disconnected, you will have to activate it again, be careful because the timer sometimes continues to run even if you are no longer connected and you risk losing precious minutes if you take too long to reconnect. You can usually pause and freeze the remaining time – check for which time periods and for how long the offer is valid.

Withdrawal of the free play time bonus

As mentioned above – but also in general for everything related to bonuses offered by online casinos, it is essential to read the terms and conditions set by the site to take advantage of the promotions. Online casinos are generous, but this generosity comes at a price, and there are limits… However, considering that getting something for free is rather rare these days, we have to be grateful for these time bonuses that allow us to play for free…

Anyway, the winnings from this free bonus will be credited to your casino account, but you will not be able to withdraw immediately. You will need to deposit a minimum amount (between £10 and £50) or wager a certain number of times the amount you have wagered before you can withdraw.

Finally, a word of caution – this bonus may only be valid on certain casino games, so make sure that these games are suitable for you to play. Other than that, the free play time bonus is really all about the benefits!